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September 2, 2020

Dominion Arboretum Engagement | ERIKA & JON

Erika and Jon chose to do their engagement session at the Dominion Arboretum in Ottawa. It ended up being the perfect day. It wasn’t too hot or humid so Erika’s hair stayed curled and no one got too sweaty during the session!

The arboretum is one of my favourite spots in the summer because of all the pretty willow trees. It’s also a huge park so even when it’s super busy there is never anyone in your way for long. Also, no one is really near by watching you get your pictures done which is a plus.

These two decided to do two outfits for their session, a more casual look and then a little dressier look! I love when couples choose to do two outfits because their gallery has so much more variety! The funny thing is, Jon forgot his pants for his dressy outfit! So, they ended up having to call a friend to drop some off asap!

We were able to get half up shots of the dressy outfit while we waited. No time was waisted and thankfully their friend lived less than 10 minutes away so it all worked out perfectly but it was pretty funny!

Both outfits looked absolutely stunning and we had so much fun exploring the pretty little areas of the Dominion Arboretum!

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