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I'm brittany

Based in Ottawa, Ontario, I specialize in photographing high-end weddings with heart across Canada and worldwide. For over a decade, I’ve kept a camera in hand to preserve fleeting, beautiful memories, capturing life as art. 

Photography is my medium to move through life slowly, with care and intention to romanticize the simplest moments, the ones that make the most joyful keepsakes. And when I think about capturing your wedding day – leaning in to document heartwarming candid moments and timeless romantic gestures – this is where it all comes together. 

This is where I walk with you in stride to create heirlooms that will cover the walls of your home for years to come.

Lover of light, travel and living more simply. Inspired by beautiful surroundings, fully committed to romanticizing life. Every detail, from the gold hues of rolling hills to the sound of crashing waves on the coastline strikes a chord. 

my favorite things:


places i've been

I’m endlessly inspired by the unfamiliar. Immersing myself in warm, tropical destinations like Florida and Punta Cana fuels my creative side, pushing me to find beauty in textures, colors and sensations wholly unfamiliar from my own hometown. Discovering beauty in places like Paris and Rome aligns with my love of design, inviting me to marvel over architecture and fall in love with the history of a place. 



Forever and always, Haydon, who is all things kind, supportive and hilarious. You’ll find us enjoying slow mornings with our pup, often dreaming about future travel plans and our own turn at the altar. I couldn't imagine life without him.


part of my job 

Without a doubt, the thing I love most is that first moment my couples see each other. In her dressing room. A first look in the garden. A weepy walk down the aisle. The unbridled joy and genuine emotion fills my cup every single time. It’s an unbelievable honor to bear witness to that kind of love. 

about you

Our couples are joyfully in love, always chasing the next adventure – not easily bothered by a bit of dirt on their hem or salt in their hair.

You hold your memories and your people close. You believe in the power of a photograph to bring you back to the joy and emotion of your wedding decades later, giving you something tangible to hold onto the feeling of what it was like to fall fully, completely in love. 
You don’t sweat the small things. You love creating intention in every detail – the flower in your bouquet, your grandmother’s earrings, a song that played on your first date – but don't worry when something doesn't quite go as planned. You’re focused on cultivating presence and celebrating fully, finally locking in forever with the love of your life. 

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