Timeless Autumn Evermore Wedding | ANDREA & MACK

January 30, 2024

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As the autumn leaves danced in the cool breeze and the scent of crisp air filled the atmosphere, Andrea and Mack joyfully united in matrimony at Evermore Weddings & Events. Their wedding was filled with many heartwarming moments and was thoughtfully designed to stand the test of time.

I was fortunate enough to know about their story before their wedding planning even began. Mack, a friend of my boyfriend, shared his plans and dreams for proposing to Andrea during a casual evening of watching Hockey at our place. It was a privilege to witness the genuine excitement and passion in his voice as he spoke about the love of his life. From that moment, I knew their wedding would be nothing short of extraordinary.

Their Autumn Evermore Wedding

Choosing a timeless colour palette, Andrea and Mack went with shades of greenery, whites, and classic black tuxes. Andrea’s wedding dress boasted gorgeous puffy lace sleeves that added a touch of romance to her already stunning ensemble.

The emotional vows and personalized ceremony unfolded like a beautifully written love story. Every word uttered, every promise made, and every tear shed reflected the profound connection between Andrea and Mack. In those moments, it was evident that their love was a force to be reckoned with. A flame that could withstand any storm.

What made Andrea and Mack’s wedding truly extraordinary was the soulful touch of Mack’s mother, who sang as the couple shared a second dance. With a guitar in hand and a voice that resonated with love, she dedicated a song to them as everyone gathered around. It definitely added an emotional and personalized touch that elevated their celebration.

Their genuine affection for one another, the meticulous planning, and the heartfelt moments made this celebration not just a wedding but a testament to the enduring power of love.

Andrea and Mack, may your love continue to flourish.


Photographer: @brittanynavinphotography

Planner & Florist: @sinclairandcodesign

Brides dress: @sindersbridal 

Bridesmaids dresses: @moscatelbtq   

Grooms attire: @mooresclothing 

Hair stylist: @courtbrault

Makeup artist: @stephaniec.stephbullockmakeup @stephbullockmakeup

Officiant: Brenda Reinkeluers

DJ: @qeservices

Bakery: @blondebaking

Catering: @boultonhousecp

Venue: @evermoreottawa

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