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April 26, 2021

3 Reasons you NEED to have a Personal Brand

3 reasons you need to have a personal brand

Building a personal brand can make a HUGE difference in your business! If you are a creative business owner or offer services, here are 3 reasons you NEED to have a personal brand with your business.

1. Builds Trust with your Audience

By showing up more for your audience and sharing more about yourself, your audience will get to know you outside of your business. By knowing the things that you like to do outside of work, you favourite snacks or tv shows, it helps them feel connected to you if they like some of the same things! Allowing your audience to see what you look like and showing up regularly also builds trust because they can now put a face to who they are emailing and chatting with before deciding to book you or purchase from you!

2. Helps you stand out in your industry

There may be several people in your area that offer the exact same service or product, but no one is YOU. Having a personal brand is what will make you stand out amongst the others in your industry. You are what makes your business unique so don’t be afraid to share more about yourself and let your personality shine through your business!

3. Increases the demand to work with you

As your personal brand grows, more and more people will be more drawn to wanting to work with YOU because they have followed along on your journey and feel like they know you. This helps weed out price shoppers and will increase the number of inquiries from people that are so excited to work with you or buy from you! They also will be willing to spend a little bit more for your services or product because there is that personal connection already there!

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