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December 15, 2022

3 Tips for Including your Puppy in your Engagement or Wedding Portraits

If you have a puppy, they likely mean the world to you! If you are considering including your puppy in your engagement or wedding portraits, you definitely should! Below are my top three tips for ensuring portraits go as smoothly as possible!

Bring lots of treats and/or their favourite toy

If your puppy is treat motivated definitely make sure to bring their favourite ones. These will be super useful when we need them to sit or walk nicely beside you. It will make such a difference!

If your puppy has a favourite toy, sometimes bring that for me to hold can help get their attention. This works for some puppies and with others they just want to run straight to their toy so definitely assess bringing one along based on your pups personality!

Have someone else tag along during your session

Bringing a family member or friend along is super helpful when it comes to including your pup in your engagement session or wedding portraits. They can help with getting the puppy in place for photos and when the puppy isn’t in photos, they can keep your pup busy. This way you can be fully present for your photos without constantly having to keep an eye on your pup!

Bring a Cute Collar and Leash

Sometimes there are locations that don’t allow pups to be off-leash or maybe you are too nervous to have them off-leash. Either way, ensuring you have a cute leash will help make sure you don’t have any distracting elements in your images if the leash is visible in any of the images!

french bulldog puppy in wedding portraits photographed by Britany Navin Photography at Strathmere Wedding

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