5 Lift Poses to Try at your Next Engagement Session

February 8, 2022

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I am obsessed with incorporating lift poses into my engagement sessions! I find them so fun and they often end up in a ton of laughter! Of course, this is case by case, and if one of the couples has prior injuries or if it just wouldn’t work for the specific couple we won’t attempt these. But, for the couples that are willing and able, these are some of my favourites to do! I usually will send a questionnaire before the session to find out if they have any injuries I should be aware of so I know ahead of time. I also like to ask if they are willing to do lift poses in the questionnaire as well. This just helps to avoid the couple feeling awkward about saying no if I asked in person. I’ll know ahead of time and will just totally avoid those types of photos! Below are 5 different lift poses I love to incorporate into a session if I can!

Bumpy Piggy Back

I LOVE getting the couple to do a piggy back but instead of them just standing and staring at the camera, I ask them to make it a bumpy piggy back ride and to move around a bit while also trying to look at each other. This one always ends up laughter and I just love it!

Baby Carry

This one is always super cute! Again I don’t like when they look directly at the camera for this one. So, I usually will have them look at each other or have her look over the shoulder and him look at her. Depending on the vibe I get from them I’ll have them spin and move around while in this pose too! It just helps make it feel so much more candid!

Facing Each Other Lift from Under the Butt

I am obsessed with this one too! Have them go belly button to belly button and then pick their partner up from under their butt. The person that’s being lifted can alternate gently kicking their feet up or you can add in a spin to this!

Shoulder Ride

This one is a little more on the risky side but I LOVE how it turns out when we do get the chance to do it! I’ll usually have them try to hold hands while doing this. I’ll even have them try to kiss one another or get as close to a kiss as they can! Usually they can’t reach but I am actually going for the laughter that happens as they try!

Reverse Piggy Back

I LOVE this one as well! It’s the same thing as a piggy back but instead, they are face to face! You can have them rub their noses together, try to kiss with their teeth, or spin around! The more movement the better!

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