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September 16, 2020

4 Ways to Notify your Guests of your Unplugged Ceremony

bride and groom at altar reading vows o eachother during unplugged ceremony

You have decided to have an unplugged ceremony and want a way to let your guests know that they will need to put their phones, tablets, cameras, etc. away during the ceremony. There are many different ways to let your guests know you just want them to be present in the moment and put away the devices during your ceremony.

1. An Elegant Sign

Simply placing a sign at the entrance to your ceremony is a great way to let people know! It can simply say “unplugged ceremony” in a larger font and then below that say “Please turn off all devices and be present in the moment with us! Thank you!”

This is a great way to give your guests a heads up to turn their devices off as they take their seats. Pinterest has a ton of inspo if you aren’t quite sure how it should look.

2. Announcement from your Officiant

You can simply ask your officiant to start off by asking your guests to turn off their devices. They may say something like “The beautiful couple we are celebrating today are having an unplugged ceremony. A professional photographer has been hired to capture the moments. Please turn off all devices and put them away so you can be full present with us.”

This is probably one of the best ways to notify guests, because not everyone reads signs or they may not see the sign but at the beginning of the ceremony everyone is very attentive and excited for it to begin.

3. Include a Considerate Notification Card in your Invitation

You can always send a little note along with your invitations stating that we often get so distracted by technology that you are requesting your guests be fully present with you during the ceremony and to refrain from taking pictures during the ceremony. This is a great way to give everyone a heads up so they already are expecting the unplugged ceremony before they even arrive.

4. Your Wedding Website

If you have a website for your wedding with all the information on there you can also add a little note letting your guests know you wish to have an unplugged ceremony. Again, this is a great way to give a heads up before your guests even arrive on your wedding day so their expectations are already set.

If you haven’t quite decided whether or not you should have an unplugged ceremony head on over to my blog post listing the top 5 reasons you should choose to have an unplugged ceremony.

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