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February 22, 2022

3 Things ALL Wedding Photographers NEED on Their Website

A screenshot of Brittany Navin Photography's website home page displayed on mac computer as an example of what all photographers need on their website

There are many things that every wedding photographer should have on their website but there are three different things that all photographers NEED on their website. These key things should be on the very first page that a client sees when they open up your website. When you hear what they are, you are going to think, “well yeah that seems obvious”. You would be SHOCKED at the amount of times I have been on someones website and these things were missing.

Your Location

If someone comes across your page they need to know if you are in the area that they are looking to hire someone. If they can’t figure out where you are located or where you serve within the first few seconds, they are likely going to get frustrated and exit the page. Make sure you have where you are based out of and where you serve very easy to find. It’s best if it’s on your home page somewhere near the beginning. I like to include it in a little summary paragaraph that people see as soon as they open my website.

What you do

Make sure what you do is obviously stated. Are you a wedding photographer, branding photographer, family photographer, or newborn photographer? Make sure you state what you do. When someone opens your website they should easily see what you offer. If you do multiple categories of photography at least state your most popular category! You can then mention you do other types of sessions as well.

Who you serve

Quickly describe who your ideal client is on your home page as well. Someone should be able to open your website and know if it suits them or not. For example I state that I am a wedding photographer for joyful and laid back couples. My ideal couple is a couple that loves to laugh, are generally happy, and are very laid back. This way those that align with that statement are going to reach out and those that don’t align with it, will continue their search for someone else. This is the best way to make sure you get the right people booking with you!

I personally include all of this info into a little paragraph on my home page! Its a short and sweet paragraph that quickly lets people know if I am the right fit for them or not! An example of the size of paragraph is below, and of course feel free to head to my website homepage to read it as an example!

A screenshot of Brittany Navin Photography's website home page as an example of what all Photographers NEED on Their Website

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