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March 1, 2022

3 Website Updates Every Photographer Should do Annually

Whether your future clients find you through referrals, social media, or google, they are all very likely to end up on your website at some point before reaching out to you. So, it’s important to ensure you make these website updates as a photographer at-least once a year!

Portfolio Updates

You for sure need to update your portfolio with all your new work!! If you don’t make updates periodically through the year, you absolutely should be going through all your new work during the off-season and add them to your website! This makes sure you are accurately representing what you deliver to your clients!


You definitely should be reviewing your pricing. As you gain more experience, purchase new equipment, and improve client experiences each year you definitely need to review and adjust your pricing accordingly.

Personal Headshots

Having updated photos that look like you NOW should definitely be on your website! It’s super important for your clients to get to see who you are and you definitely want them to be seeing an accurate photo of you. Every year, I like to go through and switch out some of my photos with new headshots or at the very least make sure that the photos that are on my website are still accurate to how I look now.

A screenshot of Brittany Navin Photography's website home page displayed on mac computer as an example of what all photographers need on their website and what website updates photographers should be making

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If you’re curious what website platform I use, I use and LOVE Show-It!

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