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January 5, 2022

3 Types of First Looks on your Wedding Day

On your wedding day there are all sorts of fun things to add into your day, one of them is a first look! There are a few different types of first looks that can be included into your wedding day. Some people love doing all three and others choose one or two that feel right for them and some don’t do any. It is definitely personal preference. The advantage to having a planned first look is that you know the lighting will be perfect in the photos and the photographer won’t miss their reaction because it’s a planned moment. In all types of first looks, your photographer will be silent and off to the side so it ends up being a nice moment between you and the person you have your first look with but is still captured beautifully!

1. First Look with your Groom

This is the main type of first look and the one everyone automatically thinks of when hearing about a first look. This is a moment for you two to see each other in private before the Ceremony. It’s a super intimate moment for just the two of you. The photographer will capture your reactions and all the emotions as it unfolds but they will be super quiet, you likely won’t even notice they are there.

2. Daddy/ Daughter First Look

For anyone that is super close with their father, this is a super special and emotional moment. Typically your dad is not in the getting ready space with you and so it can be super special to put together a first look and capture his reaction to you completely ready.

3. First Look with your Bridesmaids

This is a super fun one! Typically you only need one person to help you get into your dress so it can be fun to send the girls out of the room and be ready to see you in your dress for a first time!

If you need a little more convincing on having a first look, check out my blog post: 5 Reasons you Should do a First Look!

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