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Second Shooter Checklist

For Photographers

February 2, 2021


3 ways to be the best second photographer on a wedding day!

1. Take Behind the Scenes

Your main shooter will LOVE you for this! Whether its a couple quick pictures of them doing their thing or you getting your phone out and taking a few quick videos of them working with their clients, anything will make their day!

Everyone love to see what happens behind the scenes but it’s so hard for us to do this ourselves because we are so focused on getting all the must have shots for our clients! If you grab some quick behind the scenes for us we will be forever grateful!

2. Dress Fluffing, Veil Tossing, Other Adjustments

Quickly running up to fluff the brides dress or adjust a piece of hair that’s out of place will always be appreciated! Offering to toss the veil or hold the veil for those flying veil shots and pretty foreground photos is also a HUGE HELP!

3. Unique or Different angles

When we are both taking pictures of the bridal party or bride and groom, it will add a lot more variety to their gallery if you get a totally different angle or perspective! If the main photographer is in closer, try to get a further back angle, or you can get creative and look for florals or greenery that could add a foreground to the photo! It will make both the main photographer and the couple happy if you are able to get a totally different image from the same pose because it means their gallery will have more photos!

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