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3 Ways to get Branding Photos that Work

May 17, 2021

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Top 3 ways to get you branding photos that will bring you more clients or sell you more products

When planning your branding session, you want to make sure you plan it out intentionally. By following the 3 tips below, you will be able to come out of your branding session with photos that work. These photos will help build you more connections with your audience and bring in more clients that trust you and want to work with you!

1. Have a Strong Brand Strategy

Having a strong brand strategy will make your branding session that much easier to plan! Knowing what you stand for, what elements are a strong part of your brand, and who your exact audience is will make it so much easier to figure out what you want photos of.

Thinking of things like who you work with, the things they like, the problems they have and how you fix them, etc. will help create a clear picture of how you want your session to go. Not only do you want photos that aesthetically match your brand but you want the message in each photo to be cohesive with your brand as well!

2. Tell a Story in your Photos

Try to think of a handful of different themes in your life that you want to share! Don’t overthink it, this can be as simple as your love for fitness, behind the scenes, working in your office, etc. Having specific things you want to talk about will help your branding session be much more effective! Your branding photos can then specifically relate to what you want to talk about, the props you choose can reflect some of your favourite things, and we can get alot more creative in your photos to really get your message across!

3. Get a Ton of Variety

Make sure you plan out multiple outfits and a few different prop options for your session! The more options you have the more variety there will be. It will help make it look like all your photos weren’t actually taken in the same day! Consider where you want to have your brand session as well! Choosing a location that will allow for a few different settings will also help add variety! Essentially you want your branding session to end up looking like your photographer followed you around and captured the main parts of your life and business for you to share with others! If you need help getting started on some prop ideas, you can check out my blog post with 10 prop ideas for your branding session here!

Once you have your branding session planned out, decide on where you are going to use them! So many people only think of using them for social media but there are actually many other places you can use them as well! Find out where you should be using them here!

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