4 Key Emails to Send your Wedding Clients BEFORE their Wedding

July 9, 2021

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As a wedding photographer there are four key emails you should send your wedding clients before their wedding day. All of these emails will enhance their client experience and help you be as prepared as possible for their wedding!

Your Wedding Guide

As soon as my couples sign their contract and pay their retainer fee, I like to send over an email letting them know that they are officially booked! This email also has a link to my Wedding Experience Guide! This is a guide filled with ALL the tips they will need while planning. Mine includes; engagement session location ideas, tips on choosing engagement session outfits, tips for planning the wedding day timeline, all the bridal details to consider including, things to consider doing during the ceremony and reception, what to do if it rains, etc.

Some photographer create a physical magazine to send over by snail mail but I personally like to send mine digitally. This gives them immediate access and they can view it from anywhere. I actually created mine as a webpage so they can easily navigate to different sections whenever they want and are able to view it on both desktop or mobile. Doing it this way also allows me to update it whenever I want! So if I think of something new to add, they have access to the new tips right away!

A Timeline Questionnaire

A couple weeks after they have booked with me, I like to send over a timeline questionnaire. The questionnaire has all the questions I would ask someone in order to put together the timeline. So I ask for the ceremony time, reception time, locations, etc.

Once they send it back, I will create a custom timeline for them and send it back to them! They are then able to review it and make any immediate changes if needed. By being the first vendor to make a timeline for them, you have a better chance of getting the right amount of time that you need for all their photos. This means that you won’t be stressed out trying to squeeze everything in and it will allow you to give your wedding clients a much better experience.

A Wedding Details Questionnaire

About 4-6 weeks before their wedding day, I like to send over a details questionnaire for them to fill out. This has over 50 questions about their day which vendors are also a part of their wedding. Once I have the answers, I am able to finalize their timeline! It also helps prevent me from running into any surprises on the day of the wedding. It is the best way to make sure you are super prepared and are able to serve your couple really well.

1 Week Out Final Reminders

In this email, I like to state where and when I will be starting so that they know I will be there. This also gives them a chance to correct the address if there happened to be a last minute change! I never thought to do this until one time I showed up to the wrong location because they forgot to tell me of the change… so now I have it set in my calendar as a reminder before every single wedding.

I also remind the bride to make sure they have all their details together in one spot and to keep all three rings with them. Otherwise the groom might end up with the wedding bands. If there is anything else I want to include in the reminders that is specific to them, I’ll make sure to add that in as well!

Comment below if you already send these key emails to your wedding clients! If you don’t already, now is the time to start! Let me know below if you have any questions about implementing these!

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