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5 Ways to Ensure your Wedding Guests have an Amazing Experience

January 2, 2023

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Ensuring your wedding guests have an amazing experience at your wedding will also make sure you have an amazing experience. Your friends and family are coming from all over to celebrate with the two of you! So, it would be amazing for them to have an enjoyable and memorable experience as well!

Crystal Clear Wedding Details

Make sure that all the details are as clear as possible from the Save the Dates to the Invitations. It’s important for it be clear as to exactly where and when the guests need to arrive so that there is no confusion. Adding accommodation info, directions, travel info, an itinerary, etc. all ensure they are prepared and have an easy experience getting to and from your wedding.

Select Vendors that have Exceptional Service

Choosing wedding vendors that are organized and exceptional at what they do will not only make the day go perfectly for you, but your guests will also have a better experience. Ensuring your venue or catering service team is on top of their service ensures that your guests don’t have to wait around for food or drinks. This elevates their experience by making them also feel important and well looked after too.

When your vendor team is organized and on top of things, the entire day runs smoothly. Your guests will notice this and enjoy the ease of everything throughout the day.

Choosing Exquisite Food

Selecting delicious appetizers and meals for yourselves and your guest enhance the experience of your reception. To top it off, when there is a choice of two or three options for your guests to select, it ensures they are getting a meal they will truly enjoy. Not everyone has the same taste in food. So, this allows them to pick the option they would enjoy the most.

Intentionally Planning Cocktail & Reception Events

Work with your planner and venue to ensure that there are no awkward lulls of nothing happening during your cocktail and reception. If you opt for a first look you can complete a large portion of your portraits before your ceremony. This ensures you will actually get to spend time with your guests during the cocktail hour. They are there for the two of you and all want to celebrate as much as possible with you both. It can also be fun to add some fun elements into this time frame as well. If you get to join your cocktail hour, it can be fun to pour a champagne tower! Then, hand some out to your guests for a toast! Another great option is hiring a live band to play during this time or offering some classic lawn games for your guests to play.

It’s often a good idea to plan events in between each course. Often, this is when a speech or two will happen. While on the topic of speeches, it’s a good idea to give a time limit to each person delivering a speech. It’s easy for the ones closest to you to have a lot of beautiful things to say to you. If these get too long, guests attention spans start to stray. Keeping them short and sweet ensures you get to hear the beautiful or funny thoughts those closest to you have about you as a couple but also ensures your guests actually pay attention to the entire speech before losing interest.

Scheduling Transportation for Your Guests

It’s always a good idea to have some sort of transportation scheduled for your guests. Ensuring the pickup and drop off times are crystal clear to your guests is important as well. You don’t want them to miss their ride. Having transportation is great for guests that may want to have a few drinks or for guests that would rather not worry about driving. Either way, it makes sure that your guests know they have a safe way home or to their accommodations at the end of the evening.

Bride and groom exiting their ceremony after being officially married at the National Arts Centre (NAC) in Ottawa Ontario. Photographed by Brittany Navin Photography while working for Stephanie Mason and Co.

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First two images and final image were photographed by Brittany Navin while working for Stephanie Mason and Co.

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