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January 9, 2023

How I Backup All My Images After a Wedding Day

image of memory cards and hard drives to demonstrate how I backup all my images after a wedding day

Your wedding images are extremely important so in order to protect them, I save them in multiple places. Below is the process on how I backup all the images taken on a wedding day.

After a wedding all images are copied to an external hard drive right of way. The memory cards from the wedding get labeled with the couples names and date and gets set aside in a storage container during the duration of processing images.

I then go through all the images from the day and categorize them for each part of the day. Once organized, the images are copied onto a second hard drive. I have a cloud backup system I use called Backblaze that automatically copies anything added to my hard drives to the cloud as well. This means while images are being processed, there are three hard copies and an additional backup in the cloud.

A week after all the images have been edited and delivered to the newlyweds, I then feel comfortable re-formatting the memory cards to be used again. So, after photos are delivered, there are two hard copies of RAW files, a copy of them in the cloud, and then there are copies of the final images in the same places along with in the clients gallery.

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