Preparing for an In Home Family Session

May 20, 2020

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A family session done indoors is a little bit different than the usual sessions done outdoors. When the images are done in your home, it is the perfect opportunity to get more lifestyle type images that capture what your family looks like on a day to day basis rather than usual posed family images!

Carleton place in home session kids laughing

Pick Some Activities

I highly recommend picking a few activities you guys do as a family that you’d like to have photographed during the time I am there! This will allow for genuine laughter and unposed images that showcase your family beautifully! Here are some examples:

Pillow fight on mom and dads bed

Baking cookies 

Story time and snuggles

Tickle fights on the couch

Playing with the kids by throwing them up in the air or dancing

Building blocks or playing with toy train on the floor together

You really only need to pick about 3 activities to do all together during our session and we’ll just catch it all unfolding! Doing these activities instead of trying to get everyone looking at the camera the entire time. will make the hour more fun and more relaxed for the little ones!

Carleton Place Family Session _ Reading to children

Tidy Up

About a day or two before your family session take some time to walk through your home and notice which rooms have the most natural light coming in. These are the spaces we are more likely to use so tidy up the best you can! The most common rooms used are living room, parents room, and kitchen. We want to go for a minimalist look but still want it to look like your home! The simpler the background the cleaner and less distracting your images will look, putting the focus onto you guys!

Family session indoors in carleton place

Embrace the Chaos

Little ones personalities are totally unpredictable during a session, you could do everything possible to ensure all goes smoothly and 5 minutes in, one may decide they are done. No problem! The best way to handle this is let them have a little break while we get some images of everyone else in smaller combinations. After we’ve given the little one some time, we can see if they are ready to go again! This is why the activities are so important! They will pretty much forget about the camera if they get to do a fun activity with the whole family. 

One of the best ways to try to avoid melt downs is to ensure that everyone is well rested! If your little one has a nap time try to schedule the session around your usual nap schedule so that their routine remains consistent! Make sure they have had a healthy meal before the session! We don’t want any hangry kids LOL. Be sure to keep snacks near by during the session as well! Last but not least, make sure you explain to them that a friend is going to be coming over to take some pictures and play so they aren’t totally caught off guard when a stranger comes into the home with a camera.

Most importantly, just remember to have some fun! No need to stress about everything being perfect, the session will unfold naturally and your family will be captured beautifully!

carleton place in home session

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