3 Ways to Ensure Your Clients are Comfortable In Front of the Camera

March 15, 2022

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It’s super common for people to feel awkward or uncomfortable in front of the camera! As a professional photographer, it is our job to help them feel more comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera. Doing so, will make their experience much more pleasant and allows for much more natural looking images!

Brittany Navin Photography taking an image of bride and groom at lanark wedding at timber run golf course while ensuring clients are comfortable in front of camera

Set Expectations for them Before Beginning

Let them know that you are going to ask them to do some weird things. Make sure they know these weird things you ask them to do, always turn out to be a really great photo and in the off chance it does look weird, no one ever has to see it. I always make sure they know that sometimes it may feel weird but that it looks good and I will always make adjustments if it doesn’t look right.

I also like to let them know we will likely do many poses/ prompts more than once. This way if you do ask them to do something again they know it’s because you often do things more than once to get more variety and it’s not because they messed something up the first time.

Use Words of Encouragement Often

You want to talk as much as possible while taking photos. The more silence there is, the more they are going to wonder if they are doing things right or not. Let them know that look amazing and to keep doing what they are doing. Just constantly let them know that they are doing everything right and if they need to change something in the pose, graciously let them know what adjustments to make.

Act Out What you Want Them to do First

If you are going to ask them to pretend to walk drunk, demonstrate it. If you want them to spin, demonstrate it. When they see you do it first, they will feel a lot less awkward doing it themselves. Especially if you are in a public place that have other people around. Don’t be afraid to make a fool of yourself. The more comfortable you are doing these weird things in public and around your client, the more comfortable they will be!

I hope these tips help in your next session! If there is anything else you’d like advise on please leave a note below or send over an email! I would love to be able to help out!

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