3 Goals I have for my business in 2021

January 5, 2021

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Three goals that I have in my business for 2021

We are officially into the new year! It is only fitting that I write a post about some business goals I have for myself! I never used to set resolutions or goals in the new year because I just felt that I could do that anytime in my life that I felt needed change, it didn’t need to be figured out on January 1st.

Since owning my own business, this has shifted a little bit. I now set goals I want to achieve within the year for my business. I have learned that I can’t just write my goals down and call it a day either. If I am really going to reach these goals, I need to come up with some actionable steps and micro goals that will lead me to the final goal.

So I have gone ahead and thought of a few things that I really want to acheive in my business this year and am spending this week writing out some small steps I can take to ultimately reach my goals!

Goal 1: Start venturing into education and helping other photographers grow their business!

I have had several lovely ladies reach out to me with questions about photography and I honestly have loved helping them! I found out that I actually have a lot of knowledge to share and I would love to be able to help more people transition from their goal sucking day jobs to pursuing a business and life that they love.

I am going to be launching some form of mentor session offering along with some other resources as well and cannot wait to help more of you grow your business! I cannot wait for everyone to find out more about this once I have more of it put together and figured out!

Goal 2: Work with more creative business owners!

The last half of 2020 I was getting a lot of inquiries from fellow business owners for branding sessions. I was just treating these sessions like any other one hour session. After doing several of them I realized there was a way to do things better, I will be launching a full branding session experience and I cannot wait to better serve my fellow creative biz owners this year! I love connecting with other business owners and I am definitely ready to work with more of you lovely people this year!

Goal 3: Set intentional days to complete the tasks that normally are put on the back burner

This one is a HUGE one for me because I am bad for spending most of my time doing the must-do things and the fun things, but I like to put off the tasks that are tedious to me. Here are a few things that I have added into my calendar/workflows so that I actually follo through with this:

  • I have added into my wedding and session workflows that after I blog the session I then go over to my actual website and add the photos to my portfolio as well!
  • Setting one morning each week ahead of time in my calendar for bookkeeping (I am SO bad for putting this off because it’s not that fun for me)
  • Finally, setting intentional days OFF. I always end up absolutely exhausted by the end of the wedding season and so I really want to set intentional days off to recharge.

I was going to include a goal around weddings but after 2020, I am a little too terrified to write anything down for that one, since it’s sort of out of my control. Here’s to hoping that the 2021 weddings get to happen as planned!

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