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December 22, 2020

What’s in my Camera Bag

photographer holding her camera

A question I often get asked from fellow photographers or from those interested in starting photography is what I carry with me in my camera bag! So, today I thought I would share a list of what I currently bring with me!

Everything In my Camera Bag:

  • Canon 5d Mark IV – my main camera body with dual memory slots
  • Canon 5d Mark III – my back up camera body with dual memory slots
  • 50 mm 1.4 {Canon} – one of my most used lenses! I often use it for getting ready shots, during the ceremony, for the formals photos afterwards, and occasionally during the reception as well!
  • 85 mm 1.4 {Canon} – a NEW addition to my bag. This is my dreamy portrait lens and most definitely will make an appearance during bride and groom portraits.
  • 100 mm Macro {Canon} – Seriously a game changer for those close up ring shots!
  • 28 – 70 mm {Canon} – honestly not my favourite and only because I am a HUGE fan of prime lenses. I use this lens if I am in a tight space and can’t fit everything into the frame with my 50mm.
  • 70 – 300 mm {Canon} – hardly ever gets used. I only ever use it if there are ceremony restrictions and I need to stay towards the back.
  • Canon Speedlight Flash 430 EX II – one of the more simple flashes canon has to offer but it does the job really well! This is only ever used during the reception or ceremony if it’s in a dark church.
  • 4 x 64 GB SD cards & 4 x 64 GB CF Cards
  • 4 camera batteries
  • Rechargeable AA batteries for the flash
  • Two camera battery chargers
  • AA battery charger
  • Emergency items {Safety pins, bobby pins, lint roller, sewing kit, etc.}

If you are interested in learning about some of the tools and programs I use in my business, you can learn about those here!

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