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February 22, 2023

How I Prep For a Wedding as a Wedding Photographer

If you’ve ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes to prep for a wedding as a wedding photographer, you are about to find out! There are quite a few things we do leading up to the day to ensure that everything goes perfectly. In fact, there are things I do months in advance to prepare but for the sake of this post, here is everything I do the week of the wedding to prepare!

Last Minute Reminders Email

The week of the wedding I like to send over an email with some final reminders and confirming what time and where I will be arriving. I once had been given the wrong address in the questionnaire I send over and ended up starting in the wrong location. Thankfully I was early enough that it was no big deal to head over to proper location after receiving the new starting point. After this, I started confirming my starting address in my last minute reminders email. This way, if the address has changed or there was an error in what I was originally told, it can be corrected beforehand.

Prep My Gear

One to two days before the wedding I like to go through all my gear and prep it all for the day. This includes; charging all camera and flash batteries, formatting my SD cards, and cleaning my lenses.

Packing my Gear

Once everything is cleaned, charged, and ready to go I carefully pack all my camera gear into my Kamrette Lyra camera bag. I also bring a styling kit so I make sure that it is organized and ready to go as well.

Review Wedding Day Details

I’ll review all of the wedding day info from the wedding details questionnaire and save important information to my phone. This includes their timeline, family formal combinations, and any other important names or details that I will need to remember. I also like to print the family formal combinations list so that we can easily check the list off as we go!

The Morning Of

The morning of the wedding, I triple check that everything is in my bags. I also check for any last minute emails of any changes. I make sure to eat a huge breakfast because sometimes we don’t get to eat until 7 or 8 pm and we are going non-stop all day. Then, I fill a giant water bottle to bring with me for the day as well. Then I get dressed and do my hair for the day. Once I am ready to go, I like to head out about 30 minutes early just in case!

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