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September 30, 2020

What if it Rains on your Wedding Day

bride and groom posing for picture on a rainy wedding day

So you’ve planned the day of your dreams and it all of a sudden occurred to you that it possibly could rain on your wedding. This is one of the biggest worries of most brides and honestly a rainy day isn’t as bad as it may sound! As long as you are prepared, a rainy wedding day can still be the day of your dreams! 🙂

Overcast = Great Lighting

Full sun in the middle of the day can actually be quite harsh. Although I absolutely love the look of a sunny backlit photo, overcast light has some amazing benefits as well! A rainy day means an overcast sky which gives a soft natural light no matter where you take your photos! The colour pops a little more and we aren’t as limited on where we can photograph!

Be Willing to go Outside

It often doesn’t down pour the entire day and if its just a light rain you honestly can’t even tell it’s raining in photos. We will often look for an overhang on the side of the building or a thick tree to allow you to be covered during your portrait time!

You also could consider picking up some clear umbrella’s. If you have these, we can photograph anywhere!

Have a Back Up Plan

If your wedding is going to be outdoors, make sure you have a back up plan just in case and be sure to let your vendors in on the back up plan. This way, we will know exactly what to do if rain does decide to join us.

Trust Your Photographer

It’s your wedding day! The last thing you should worry about on your wedding day is what’s going to happen for pictures. Let your photographer make the decisions on capturing the best images for your day. 🙂

The wedding pictured above was filled with rain. It stopped raining for two periods during the day that just happened to fall during our formal portrait time. It could not have been more perfect. If you want some proof that your wedding day can look just as beautiful and be just as amazing on a rainy day check out Amy and Brody’s Wedding on my blog! 🙂

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