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Engagement Session Locations in Ottawa & the Surrounding Area

August 31, 2020

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There are a ton of beautiful locations for your engagement session in Ottawa and the surrounding areas. Over the years I have been compiling a list of all the different spots to share with my clients. I realized how difficult it is to find new locations through google searches and wanted to make sure that others would be able to easily access the information as well. So, here it is!


Mill of Kintail

This spot is definitely over used but I still get so excited to shoot here because it has everything you could want! Fields with short grass, fields of tall grass, trails, cute bridges, stone buildings, and even some shallow water to walk through if you’re up for it!

Mill of Kintail Bridal Session | Ottawa Wedding Photographer
See more of this session at the Mill of Kintail here
Mill of Kintail Engagement - brittany navin photography
See more of this session at the Mill of Kintail here

Blakeney Rapids

This is such a cute little spots! There is a short little trail with a ton of cute bridges. It leads out to this small little lookout up on a rock and has a ton of little spots to get down near the water. I have heard of people swimming here so I feel like it would be super cute for couples that want to get right in the water!

couple hugging for a photo by the water at blakeney rapids
See more of this session at the Blakeney Rapids here


Dominion Arboretum/ Ornamental gardens/ Experimental

This is another popular one everyone picks but once again I get more and more excited each time I go because I always find a new spot!

couple sitting on rock stairs at dominion arboretum in ottawa
See more of this Dominion Arboretum session here
dominion arboretum engagement couple sitting on rocks by river in front of willow tree
See more of this session at the Dominion Arboretum here

Dow’s lake pavilion,

Dow’s lake pavillion is a super cute spot right on the water that actually has a trail that connects to the dominion arboretum so we could definitely use both locations if you up for a little stroll!

Mooney’s bay park/beach,

If you want those swoon worthy sunset beach photos but also want a bit of greenery as another option then this location is a great spot! Be prepared to kick some water at each other towards the end and maybe bring a change of clothes!

Britannia Beach,

 If you want those dreamy beach vibes this is a great spot! From walking barefoot in the sand together, to using the greenery pathways it has to offer, all the way to some little rocks you can walk on and we can even get right into the water if you’re up or it! Trust me – it’s worth it! 

Black rapids Lockstation,

I have yet to shoot here but oh my goodness is it ever a cute spot to have your engaggement session! You get a good mix of water and greenery here! It has a cute little stone building and a wooden dock that is flush with the water, {super cute spot to cool off with your toes in the water and pop some bubbly}.

Old quarry trail (Kanata)

This trail is seriously so pretty and has a great long wooden bridge in the middle of an open field!


The Gatineau hills (pink lake trail, Champlain lookout, etc.)

Okay this place is a dream, I may or may not get lost almost every time I drive through these hills but trust me, I leave super early knowing that it is a total possibility LOL! I have gone for countless hikes here with my friends and it is absolutely breathtaking. There are so many options within the hills to choose from and depending on the season you also get totally different looks! 


Petrie Island Beach

I love this beach!! I haven’t been here in a while but it is absolutely amazing! The beach kind of wraps around a corner and is so spacious! There is a part of the beach that is more off to the side and a bit more private. If you like those beach vibes and are close to the area then this might just be the perfect spot for you! 

fiances sitting together on boulder sized rocks during their ottawa beach engagement session
See more of this session from Petrie Island Beach HERE.
bride to be being twirled around by her fiance during petire island beach engagement session
See more of this session at Petrie Island Beach HERE.

Princess Louise Falls

I have yet to shoot here but if you just instagram it and are up for an adventure we can 100% do your engagement session in front of or even in the waterfall!


Merrickville locks/ruins

This is a great little location that is often overlooked! It offers historic old ruins of stone wall along with beautiful greenery and water. The stone walls make for such a beautiful setting!

See more of this session at the Merrickville Locks/Ruins HERE


Watson Mill

Such a beautiful spot! The stone walls of the mill itself, the bridge crossing over to a beautiful little path and this sort of hidden trail to the water! It’s not a very large area but it is definitely beautiful and makes for a pretty background behind the two of you!

Watson Mill Engagement | Manotick | Brittany Navin Photography
See more of this Watson Mill session here


Pinhey’s Point

A stone building and ruins, tons of greenery, water, and a field to frolic in! Everything you could need to put together a beautiful engagement session! 

couple walking along the water at pinheys point in dunrobin


Eagles Nest Lookout {it is about a 1.5 km hike but totally worth it}

If you are an adventurous couple and love to hike, this location is totally for you! It takes about 20 minutes {1.5 km} to get up to the lookout but it is totally worth it! A beautiful Rocky Mountain top that overlooks beautiful greenery that turns to a rainbow of colour in the Fall. 

eagles nest lookout engagement
See more of the Eagles Nest Lookout session here


Stewart Park

This is a beautiful little park full of greenery with some water running through the middle of it along with some cute little bridges. One bridge even leads over to a beautiful building with some vines growing up it. 

Carleton Place

Canoe Club/Riverside Park Area

 If you are familiar with the area, you know there is a cute little path that runs along the Mississippi River from the canoe club to the boat launch. This area is surprisingly amazing! The best part is, we can even get some beach vibe pictures if we venture over to the park area! – I have yet to do an engagement session here but have done multiple family sessions here!

Arena Trail

This is such a cute little trail that is well maintained, there is an adorable wooden walking bridge, the path runs along the Mississippi River and opens up into a smaller field!


Robert Simpson Park

This is a gem I recently discovered! It is actually a pretty big park with tons of greenery AND a beach. There is the main swimming beach and then little broken down sections of more private beach spots. There is even a pretty trail that runs along the water and some cute rocks that come out to a point in the water that would be really pretty to sit on!

couple walking through the water at Arnprior engagement session at Robert Simpson Park photographed by Brittany Navin Photography


Burnstown Beach

If you want a beach session and live in the Ottawa Valley, this is where it’s at!! Such a nice sandy beach and there is also a dock if you want some cute pictures sitting on the edge of it as well!

Specialty Locations

I love it when my couples choose a location that means something to them. I am always open to your ideas! If you love sunflowers, let’s do your engagement session in a sunflower field. If you love baseball, let’s hit up a baseball field for your session. If you have a farm and want your horses in your pictures, let’s do it! I want your images to represent YOU. So, whatever represents you, is what we should do!!

Ottawa Sunflower engagement
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See more of this Equestrian family session here

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